Open Edge Symposium™ Program Tracks Are About Collaboration

Open Edge Symposium provides a forum for industry, academia and research to work together.  It provides a wide range of intelligent edge tutorial sessions to drive innovation, clarify misconceptions, and bring the intelligent edge ecosystem up to speed on the latest research, technical developments and industry implementations of intelligent edge. 

Interactive sessions will provide a platform in which experts will guide interactive roundtable discussions and run workshops that attack specific technical and business challenges

First Sessions Announced!


Advances in Innovation Track

The Open Edge Symposium Advances in Innovation Track will explore and expound the research and standardization activities and opportunities on intelligent edge within industrial processes for IoT, AI/ML and connectivity. Track sessions will target researchers, technologists and standard developers through a combination of tutorials, panels, presentations, and technical deep dives. Over the course of this track, we will:

  • Explore use of Augmented and Extended Reality interfaces for shop floor processes
  • Discuss the advances in Cooperative Robotics (Co-Bots) and autonomous robotics in manufacturing
  • Consider the future of distributed computing and the evolution from edge-fog to true utility computing with flexible architectures
  • Look at applications of 5G, TSN and software-defined networking in general
  • Investigate energy harvesting and power considerations for industrial systems
  • Define the role of Quantum Computing
  • Deliver a wildcard innovation session for ideas that offer a potential different view of the future

Technical Track

The Open Edge Symposium Technical Track will delve into questions around the impact of technology on edge computing. Track sessions will target beginners, mid-career professionals and advanced technologists through a combination of tutorials, panels, individual presentations, and technical deep dives. Over the course of the Technical Track, we will:

  • Introduce and expand on core technical concepts around edge computing
  • Explore edge use cases, requirements, architectures, implementations and testbeds
  • Debate the impact of emerging technologies, such as 5G, distributed computing/storage, AI/ML/DL, big data, and blockchain
  • Share best practices for implementing edge applications, platforms, and environments
  • Demonstrate tools, techniques and integrations to help address the big challenges in edge networks, especially performance, security, manageability, efficiency, and cost.

Business Outcomes Track

The Open Edge Symposium Business Outcomes Track will focus on real-world use cases that have delivered a business impact to a company/industry. Sessions in this track will showcase how these companies are leveraging the intelligent edge to their competitive advantage, and will provide insights into smart implementation strategies and common pitfalls to help you realize business value faster and more effectively.

  • Learn how companies identified their need and deployed edge computing
  • Discover the criteria for selecting products and vendors to enable advanced IoT deployment
  • Hear how companies have developed new services and revenue streams with edge computing
  • Understand how edge computing transforms business models
  • Learn how companies identify business value by investing in their security needs  


Open Edge Symposium will feature sessions designed to debate provocative issues such as why and where the intelligent edge will be necessary, what might happen in a future world without intelligent edge, which technologies will likely lead in the marketplace, and how intelligent edge is disrupting the industry.

Agenda will be announced soon! Please check back regularly for updates
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
7:30 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM Conference Intro
8:45 AM Open Edge Symposium Opening Keynote Address: Dr. Mung Chiang
9:45 AM General Session 1
Breakouts/by track Research/Academic Technical Business Outcomes
11:00 AM RA1 T1 BO1
11:45 AM RA2 T2 BO2
12:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM RA3 T3 BO3
2:15 PM RA4 T4 BO4
3:30 PM RA5 T5 BO5
4:15 PM RA6 T6 BO6
5:00-7:00 PM TBD
Thursday, December 12, 2019
8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM Day 2 Keynote
9:30 AM General Session Panel
Breakouts/by track Research/Academic Technical Business Outcomes
11:00 AM RA7 T7 BO7
11:45 AM RA8 T8 BO8
12:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM RA9 T9 BO9
2:15 PM RA10 T10 BO10
3:00 PM Open Edge Symposium Closing Keynote Address
4:00 PM Conference Concludes

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