Media Sponsors

Media Sponsors

The Open Edge Symposium is team is pleased to partner with these media sponsors for our event. Subscribe to these outstanding publications for coverage of the conference and the rapidly expanding market for edge technologies.


AI Time Journal

The mission of AI Time Journal is to divulge information and knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, the changes that are coming and new opportunities to use AI technology to benefit humanity. AI Time Journal promotes Artificial Intelligence initiatives and organizations with the aim to enable people with the knowledge and the tools to drive change and have an impact through AI.

Embedded Computing

Embedded Computing Design is the go-to trusted property for information regarding embedded design and development. We cultivate the largest global community of embedded designers through our content leadership channels, including blogs, design articles, videos, news, and product information.

IIoT World

IIoT World is the first Global Digital Publication dedicated 100% to Connected Industry, Industrial Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. Our associates are handpicked with one characteristic in mind: digital transformation DNA and draw from the insights, hands on experience of the world's best newsrooms & industrial enterprises to deliver content and coverage across a wide range of industry categories.


SDx Central

At SDxCentral, we aim to drive digital transformation by providing technologists and executives a joint platform and the complete resources required to advance their organizations into the digital age. Through targeted content, we ensure they have the necessary knowledge for the critical decisions that they make every day.

The Fast Mode

The Fast Mode is a leading independent research and publishing company, providing breaking news, analysis, insights and growth for the global telecoms industry. The Fast Mode coverage focuses on initiatives by solution vendors and communication service providers globally to enhance the delivery of telecommunication services covering mobile – 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G, fixed and Wi-Fi nettworks.



VMblog is dedicated to spreading the word about Virtualization and other modern Data Center technologies like Cloud Computing, Containers, Hyperconvergence, IoT, Software-Defined "X", etc. The goal is to keep the masses informed and educated about all the latest trends, technologies, and news that relates to these amazing technologies.



Please consider this upcoming event from our media sponsor IIoT World

Please consider this upcoming event from our media sponsor IIoT World

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